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High School Tutoring and Middle School Tutoring in Fort Worth, TX

Are you looking for quality high school and middle school tutoring in Fort Worth, TX? The Pierce Institute for Academic Excellence is here for you. Our founder has worked in the education and tutoring industry for many years. We want, above all, to provide a launchpad for each unique student’s academic success under our solid and reliable leadership.

For school tutoring you cannot find anywhere else, contact The Pierce Institute for Academic Excellence.

What Pierce Institute can do:

  • Teach testing strategy

  • Fill in the gaps for the items your child wasn't taught at school

  • Provide a safe environment for asking questions and taking risks

  • Provide ample practice opportunities to solidify skills

  • Break big tasks into smaller parts and help your child master a formula – a repeatable process – for replicating results in a classroom

Let us help your family. Ideally, we like to build years-long relationships. Whether your child comes to us needing help with schoolwork, test prep, computer programming, basic engineering skills, college essay assistance, or all of the above, the answer is YES! We seek to be an additional support in your child's life, encouraging productive habits and guiding him/her to achieve big goals in small, approachable steps.

For in-person classes in Fort Worth, TX, or to take virtual classes with certified tutors, give The Pierce Institute for Academic Excellence a call at 682.803.1965. You can also fill out the message form on our contact page, and we will get in contact with you as quickly as possible.

Diagnostic subject tutoring in texas
subject tutoring for elementary
subject tutoring for high school

Diagnostic Testing 


We provide low-cost academic diagnostic testing to all students from K-12th grade. The diagnostic depends upon the student’s goals. High school students are assessed for SAT/ACT readiness. The test results will reveal the student’s target areas for growth, and from that data, the center directors can make a customized academic plan.

Subject Tutoring, Elementary

From: $50.00/hr.
Our tutors assist the student in his or her growth areas for reading/writing/math/science/social studies using our center’s materials, the student’s schoolwork, or a combination of both.

Subject Tutoring, Middle and High School

From: $55.00/hr.

Our tutors assist the student in his or her growth areas for core curriculum (including AP classes) and most electives using our center’s materials, the student’s schoolwork, or a combination of both. Classes at this level require a high level of expertise in a tutor. Our tutors assist students in areas: Pre-calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Math, English and other areas of need.

coding robotic SAT CogAR ISEE test tutor in texas
Robotics and Engineering Classes
SAT and ACT tutoring
CogAT ISEE and standardized test tutoting


From: $50.00


Hands-on and in person, students receive 1:1 instruction and practice in Java/Python/Blockly/Arduino/Vex123/VexIQ/VexGo/Vex V5/Lego/Birdbrain/PLC.

Depending on the student’s mastery level and goals, projects range from “just for fun” to a more intense, career-focused approach.

Parents can purchase just a few coding/robotics/engineering hours as an add-on to other services, or these topics can be a main area of focus for the serious STEM student. 

SAT/ACT Tutoring

From: $55.00/hr.

After pin-pointing each student’s challenges, our tutors provide instruction and coaching on SAT/ACT content, strategy, and timing to give students the best odds of quickly-boosted test scores. Classes at this level require a high level of experience and expertise in a tutor.

CogAT, ISEE, and other Standardized Test Instruction, Elementary


Only tutors with proven experience with these unique tests will instruct students. We use center-provided materials specific to each level and each test, as well as materials to help build foundations in any areas of need.

college prep computer programming business communication skill tutor
College Essay and Prep Tutoring
business and interpersonal communication skill class
computer programming classes

College Essay Preparation/College Application Process

From: $60.00

$60/hr ($120 per 2-hour session)

This process requires intense focus by the student and the tutor on a student’s unique accomplishments, experiences, and goals. Therefore, these sessions are 1:1. We can help a student develop a series of college essays (including supplemental essays), complete a resume, and get started with the overall application process, which is a true exercise in deadline management, information gathering, and timely requests. Our center can also help parents access information on available scholarships, along with many helpful “do’s” and “don’ts.”

Business and Interpersonal Communication Skills -Adult

From: $45.00

$45/hr ($90 per 2-hour session)

Many adults (most, in fact) don’t feel comfortable talking in front of a group, and some might even have a complex language background and wish to improve their reading, writing, and grammar skills, whether for business or personal interactions. If you’d like help preparing for a presentation, writing more effective business emails, maneuvering social media, writing effective blog entries, or just expanding your vocabulary and having better conversational English, our certified instructors are here to join forces with you — in a judgment-free zone — and help you feel confident in your unique interactions.

We also offer accent reduction instruction for anyone who desires it (and that goes for native speakers too, if you feel your level of “Texas twang” sometimes prevents others from really hearing your message).

Computer Programming – Adult

From: $60.00

$60/hr ($120/2-hour session)

Students receive 1:1 instruction and practice in Java, Python, C, C++, or other programming languages. This course is designed for adult learners looking to augment their professional skills in a low-pressure, self-paced atmosphere. Ideal for the professional who can’t make the time commitment of a more formal class that meets several hours a week. Everyone may take this course, from absolute beginners to those who’ve mastered the basics.

After School Programs

We also take our show on the road, providing after-school enrichment programs to several local elementary schools.  Robotics and Drone Club are popular offerings, and can be adapted to older or younger students.  Ask your school's office staff if Pierce Institute already provides after-school programs on your campus.  If not, we are always looking to expand our services into more schools, so please contact us with your suggestions and desired opportunities for after-school programs for your campus.

drone club after school program in texas
lego after school program
drone programming tutor in texas

Mini-Camps During School Year

We have camps all year long! 

3D printing camp mentor
roblox camp tutor
drone mini camp tutor

Is your child passionate about 3D printing? Well, so are we! Join The Pierce Institute for our 3D printing mini-camp November 20th through 22nd (the days leading up to Thanksgiving). 10:00-2:00 each day.

Students will learn:

  • Responsible and safe handling of open-style and enclosed-style printers

  • Machine maintenance and minor repairs of common problems

  • How to use the programs required to make it work (such as scaling a print to a desired size and converting a file to a usable format)

Lots of kids will receive a 3-D printer as a holiday gift, and many already have one. Make the most of that investment!

$50/day or $150 for all 3 days. Bring your own lunch.️To enroll, call or text 682.803.1965 or email

Bryant Irvin at I-20, 76132

Professional Editing and Proofreading

Rate: $55/hr

Adults and students alike sometimes need a proofreader/editor, whether it’s for a high-stakes essay, application letter, or other important document. Perhaps you need help developing or “polishing” a presentation (in Power Point, Google Slides, Prezi, etc.).

When your paper or presentation MUST impress, come see us, and just pay by the hour. Unlike tutoring, you might only need to see us once, and we’re happy to help!

(This service is for adult professionals as well as students.)

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