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Summer Programs

Choose from 6 fun themes (described below). All classes are small-group instruction with time for exploration. Reading, writing, math, science, and social studies are "baked in." 

All camps are from10:00 am -2:00 pm with extended hours available at additional charge. 


Bring your own lunch. Water and snacks are provided.

REGISTRATION PROCESS BEGINS ONLINE AND ENDS WITH A PHONE CALL. Completing these forms saves a spot for your child, but to be sure we can best serve your child and answer any questions you have, a brief phone call or text/email conversation will help us gather information. If you have no questions, feel free to make payment via Zelle or Venmo, or we can process credit card purchases over the phone. Payment can also be made in person. A deposit of 50% will be collected in the Spring with the balance due on the first day of camp, or parents can pay the total up-front at any time.


Total cost is $280 per child, per week.

Remote Payment: Contact us for information to pay by Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal

Credit Card transactions can be completed by phone or in person.

Minecraft summer camps

Minecraft Week (all ages, grouped by age)

  • May 28-31st 

Really into Minecraft? At Pierce Institute, you can sit in an actual Minecraft fort while building a digital Minecraft fort and eating a Minecraft cake pop!

We'll play a little, but most importantly, we'll learn to build in Minecraft using redstone, wires, circuits, and machine parts. We'll get into some basics of coding -- a skill that will be vital for students in coming years. This day camp is appropriate for any child regardless of any prior experience with coding. We'll complete several projects and develop our skills for design, problem-solving, and creative collaboration. We'll make cake pops that look like Minecraft characters, too! Kids will also enjoy the literal building of our Minecraft fort, which can be rearranged and rebuilt into several different structures throughout the week.

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roblox summer camps

Build Your Own Video Game (choose from younger or older group) -- Design your own game, then let your friends play it!  (PRIVATE SERVERS).

6/3-6/7, Kinder-2nd

Includes SCRATCH and/or Roblox, PLUS now includes BEGINNER ROBOTICS instruction for those not interested in video games. No prior coding experience required, but all experience levels will thrive.  Kids will enjoy the satisfaction of building their own games, then playing each other's games.

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6/10-6/14, 3rd-6th - FULL

This camp for older students is more focused on Roblox game building. Students will learn to design their own Roblox game, and then have their friends play it with them! We will use a private server so no strangers interfere with the students. Older kids will have the opportunity to dig deeper into the coding and design aspects of the game if desired.  All students will learn valuable skills of design, coding, and collaboration.

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drone summer camps

Drone Camps (choose one)

  • June 24th-28th, grades 1st-3rd

  • June 17-21, grades 4th-6th

June 24th-28th, 1st-3rd

Our safe, indoor drones teach basic coding skills.  Fly them through hoops and teach them to see colors! Beginners will start by using the drones with a hand-held remote control device, then learn how to use a laptop and code in Blockly (a simple drag-and-drop program) to control the drone hands-free!

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June 17-21, grades 4th-6th 

This camp also now includes Intermediate Robotics in addition to drones.  Kids can explore both activities, or just concentrate on one. Our safe, indoor drones teach basic coding skills.  Fly them through hoops and teach them to see colors! After briefly learning the nature of the drones by using a hand-held control, students will then learn to control them hands-free by programming in Blockly and possibly progress to Python coding by the end of the week.

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vex robotic summer camps

Beginner and Intermediate Robotics Week

  • July 8-12th (ages 5-9) FULL

  • July 15-19th (ages 10-15) FULL

zelda summer camps

The Legend of Zelda Week (mainly for ages 6-11) FULL

  • July 22-26th

July 8-12th (ages 5-9)

Choose from Lego Spike Essential, Lego Spike Prime, VEX 1-2-3, Vex Go, or Kids First Coding & Robotics

Whether your child is a beginner or already has some experience with building and basic coding, this camp for younger learners is sure to be a satisfying adventure that teaches building, coding, and collaboration skills.

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July 15-19th (ages 10-15) (FULL)

June 17-21st (FULL)

The next week, for older robotics enthusiasts who might already have some building and coding experience, join us for more advanced projects (using Vex IQ, Arduino-based creations, Vex V5), and learn how to start and maintain an official Engineering Notebook you can keep for years.

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So much more than just playing Zelda! Have fun making new friends while working on problem-solving skills, building & engineering skills, and social skills. Other activities include a scavenger hunt (with some hidden math) and a short, but hilarious, group writing project. 

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pokemon summer camps

Pokemon Week (mainly ages 5-10)

  • July 29th - August 2nd (FULL)

  •  Aug. 5th-9th (FULL)

Yes, we'll play a bit. However, we'll also have Pokemon Show & Tell, make our own Pokemon Puppet Show, learn a little about the countries Pokemon visits, learn to draw some Pokemon, 3D print some characters, and eat delicious Pokeballs (rice krispie treats)! Even the few lessons we do in math and reading are Pokemon themed, like our Pokemon MadLibs!

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Cancellation Policy

A full refund of your deposit can be given if you cancel at least 3 weeks ahead of time.  In case of last-minute, unforeseen emergencies, the deposit money can be converted for use on later camps or for tutoring hours within a year. Cancellations less than one week prior (for non-emergency reasons) result in a forfeiture of deposit because it will be too late to change the staffing and supplies that will have already been arranged, which is of particular concern in our very low student-to-teacher-ratio camps.

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